March 29, 2017 10:37AM

Every puzzle has an initial number of points, based on its difficulty.

  • Very Easy - 100
  • Easy - 200
  • Medium - 300
  • Hard - 400
  • Very Hard - 500

However, the number of points decreases every time that another team solves it. Furthermore, all previous solvers lose some points, too, every time another team solves it. For instance, if a puzzle starts with 100 points, the 1st team who successfully solves it gets 100 points. When the 2nd team solves it, 1st solver gets 90 points and 2nd gets 86. When the 3rd team solves it, 1st solver gets 86 points, 2nd gets 80 and 3rd gets 76.

This goes on to a minimum score of half the original points if every team solves the puzzle.

Below is the formula that gives you the number of points based on the initial points, the total number of solving teams, and order of the solving team:

Teams with the same number of points will be tiebroken based on the time of their last puzzle solution.